A New Series of Doll Craft Tutorials


The Farmer’s Market

I have a whole new series of tutorials on my YouTube channel MySewingKit. The theme is Doll Farmer’s Market with a series of videos showing you how to make all kinds of fruits & vegetables.  I tried to make each one using “easy-to-find/stuff-you-have-around-the-house” materials.  There are tutorials for strawberries, carrots, artichokes, potatoes, leeks, cauliflower, lettuce and onions.  I also show you how to make crates to put your veggies in and little baskets for your strawberries.

Here is a PDF for the doll size berry baskets  (Print directly onto the paper you will use or print out on scratch paper for a template to cut-out and trace)

These doll-sized vegetables can be used in a farmer’s market but have many other uses as well!  Put them in a doll-sized garden, fill the produce section of your doll’s grocery store or make just a few for some doll sized cooking!

Make sure to follow my blog and subscribe to my youtube channel so you won’t miss the next series of tutorials for your 18″ dolls!

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