A new doll craft tutorial

I have some new tutorials on my YouTube channel!  The first one is how to make a background for your dolls.  It can be used as wallpaper in your dollhouse that can be easily changed out or as a free standing wall if you don’t have a dollhouse.  You could set it on a table or the floor and set-up your doll scene.  I used fabric for my wallpaper.   At first, I thought about using scrapbook paper, but I needed a lot for an AG sized doll room and it was getting to be too expensive.  I also felt that there was a greater range of wallpaper-like patterns with fabric than in the scrapbook paper.  With my Joann’s coupon, I bought enough fabric to cover my “walls” for about $6.  Check out my tutorial below.

There is also a tutorial for making a cozy fireplace for your dollhouse.  This fireplace is made from foam-core board and covered in “stones” made from egg cartons.  I gave the measurements I used for my fireplace in the video but feel free to make it any size you like.  You could also use a piece of wood or stacked pieces of foam-core board for the mantel instead of what I used.  Check it out my video below to see how it’s done!

I’ve also made a video to show you how I made the fire inside my fireplace.  It is made from a battery-operated tea light so it flickers like a real fire.  This little fire could also be used in a camping scene.

Have fun creating!

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