Vintage Style

50's novelty print cupcake skirt

So far, I have mostly shared my love of dolls and doll crafts.  But I also love Vintage!

Vintage Grey Wool Coat

My husband and I love searching thrift stores, estate sales and flea markets to decorate our home.

I also love collecting and sewing my own vintage-style clothing.

50's Route 66 novelty print dress

I just got a new dress-form last week and the first thing I did was try on all my favorite vintage finds/things I made.

Blouse and 1940s style shorts

Seeing them all together on flickr helps me see what I really have and what pieces I might want to add.

Vintage Sweater

I have been slowly taking out the modern clothes as I added the vintage ones.

Vintage sweater with modern Pendleton skirt

To see more, visit my flickr album here.

Vintage style

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