Swap Show and Tell

I participated in an art doll swap on Craftster.  My partner listed Steampunk as one of the categories she likes.  I had been wanting to try painting over an existing doll’s face.  So this Steampunk girl was born!


Here is what she looked like before (a cheap porcelain doll I found at the thrift store):


I started by washing and brushing out her hair.   Then I painted over her face with craft paint and tiny brushes.  I even painted over her glass eyes. This was my first time doing anything like this so I was kind of experimenting.  It worked out, though, because this doll is for decoration only, if played with, the paint would probably get scratched off.  After her face was done, I styled her hair.  I used a curing iron set on the lowest heat possible (but you could also put curlers in when its wet and leave to air dry) to curl the ends and tied them into a low ponytail.


Her bangs looked kind of funny . . .


But I fixed that with an aviator cap!


Her clothes were made by trial-and-error and are sewn-on (not removable)  It was easier to make them that way!




Even her boots were glued to her feet!


It was hard to send her away, but I never would have made her just for myself anyway.  I did learn a lot about re-painting dolls and have started on a few new dolls for myself now.  (I will share when they are done–who knows when that will be though!)

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