Swap Show-and-Tell

I love participating in craft swaps.  I started a few years ago with Craftster and have recently started using Swap-bot.  I will be sharing weekly photos of items I have sent in the past and then, once I am caught up, share them as I go.  I want to make a record of all the craftiness I have sent out to my fellow lovers of crafts!

This was my very first swap ever, the “Back To Hogwarts” swap on Craftster.  It is a big swap held annually in August, to get you ready to go back to school!


There was an “invisibility cloak” in Slytherin green


A chocolate frog



A Mer-baby specimen


Some extras (quill, book cover and test tubes for potions)


stamps for wax seals (made from fancy buttons)


dragon skin (some really cool paper I found)


And a U-No-Poo chocolate bar (from Fred & George’s shop)


I also included a fox embroidery (because my partner’s favorite animal is a fox!) made with my embroidery punch needle (so much fun!)

Here is what my partner sent me:


(she really spoiled me–it was a great first-time swap!)

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