More Doll-Sized Finds

I picked up a few doll sized things (mostly from the dollar store) the other day and wanted to share them.

dollar store finds 1

These items were all from the dollar store:

A mini traffic cone:  Good for outdoor activities like a bike obstacle course

Tiny rolls of tape:  Use for school or on your home office desk

Tiny bottles of nail glitter:  The glitter can be sprinkled on cookies and the jars can be for potion ingredients (at Hogwarts), make into necklace pendants or use in the kitchen

Miniature bug bucket:  Nice size for an aquarium–just need some turtles, lizards or fish!  It also came with a net that could be used to catch butterflies.

Little plastic cups:  for that doll picnic or party!

I found these at the craft store.  The shoes are Springfield brand from Joanns (they have them at Michaels too), the lunch tray sticker is from Hobby Lobby and the bird cage is from Michaels.

craft store finds 1

The shoes are more narrow so they don’t fit American Girl Dolls but they do fit Journey Girls dolls perfectly!

The sticker is flat but looks so cute.  I saw then on AG Design’s blog and searched every craft store to find them but only Hobby Lobby had them.

The bird cage is for my doll to take her owl to Hogwarts!

I will be working on my Hogwarts bedding this weekend, might take a few weekends to finish though!

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