Hogwarts Bed: Curtains!

SONY DSCI finally finished the curtains for the Hogwarts Doll Bed in Hufflepuff yellow and black.  It took a full yard of fabric (I had to calculate carefully because I had just enough for 4 curtains and the top) and a yard of black trim.  The ribbon for the curtain ties I had in my stash.

SONY DSC I’m not really loving the silky yellow curtains but maybe I will after it is all made up with a quilt and pillows.  Those are next.


I am busy now cutting out 2″ squares from yellows and blacks for the quilt.  I will also be making a large pillow for the head of the bed and 1 or 2 throw pillows.  And it needs a lap blanket folded up at the foot of the bed.  I have a scrap of yellow flannel that is just big enough for a lap blanket with starry black fabric for the back.

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