Hogwarts Bed Progress

My Hogwarts bed has been started!  I used americangirlideas bed tutorial for the measurements but instead of wood I used foam-core board (I found mine at the dollar store!) and covered each piece in brown tissue paper before glueing together.


I used foam-core board because I don’t have a saw to cut all those pieces with and the foam-core board I found was only $1 per sheet (I used 2 1/2 sheets).  It worked well but the bed is pretty light-weight.  I think it will be better once I get all the curtains and bedding on, though.  One thing I would change is to use wood dowels for the posts because the foam-core board ones are too fragile.  But mine is just for display so it should be okay.  I was so excited about having it all glued together that I started on a mattress right away.


I cut pieces of batting that were the same size at the inside of the bed (about 11″x20″).  I kept cutting more and more until I had a stack that was about 2″ high.  I picked some fabric that I thought might look nice for a mattress (a pretty sheet from the thrift store).  Once the mattress was sewn and stuffed, I made tufts starting from the middle and trying to space them evenly across the entire mattress.


The mattress looks nice on the bed, I made sure it was thick enough to stick up above the side rails a bit like a real mattress would.  Next up I will be sewing the curtains and bedding!

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