Free Doll Hogwarts Scarf Pattern!


Here is a pattern I made up to knit a Hogwarts house scarf for your American Girl Doll!  Mine is yellow and black for Hufflepuff but you can change the colors to any house colors you want:  Red with gold stripes for gryffindor, Blue with grey stripes for Ravenclaw or Green with grey stripes for Slytherin.  It is knit in the round on double-pointed needles.  You need to know basic knitting skills and how to knit with double-pointed needles (here is a video if you need help)

You will need:

Worsted weight yarn (size #4) in your chosen colors

Size 8 double-pointed needles


Cast-on 16 stitches (place a stitch marker so you know when the next row starts)

Knit 6 rows in yellow, knit 1 row in black, knit 2 rows yellow, knit 1 row black

(The scarf is being knit inside-out!)

Repeat this pattern until the scarf is the length that you want:

*Knit 7 rows yellow, Knit 1 row black, Knit 2 rows yellow, Knit 1 row black* (end with 7 rows yellow)

My scarf is 33″ long (without the fringe) which is 17 repeats + 7 rows of yellow.

Turn your scarf right-side-out and lay flat.  Add fringe to each end:  Cut 28 pieces of yellow yarn 5″ long.  Use 2 strands together and attach across the bottom edge of the scarf evenly.  You should have 7 groups on each end.  Trim the ends so it has a nice straight edge.  If you don’t know how to add fringe here is a video to help.


My doll’s Hogwarts uniform was made by a friend in a swap on Craftster.

This blog has a bunch of great tutorials for making your doll a uniform and accessories!

4 responses to “Free Doll Hogwarts Scarf Pattern!

    • In the books Ravenclaw is bronze and blue but in the movies they used grey and blue, so pick the colors you like best!

    • the whole outfit was made for me in a craft swap but I know there are a few tutorials to make your own or you might find one for sale on etsy.

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