I am starting off this blog with a post that combines two things I love:  Harry Potter and American Girl dolls!  I decided to make a Hogwarts dorm room for my AG doll.   My doll was placed in Hufflepuff by the sorting hat so it’s all about the yellow and black!  I have been scouring the internet for inspiration:

Hufflepuff Dorm Room

There will be a four-poster bed with curtains, of course, something like this one:


There is a wonderful tutorial for Julie’s bed on American Girl Ideas blog which would work perfectly for a Hogwarts bed:


I will decorate the walls with castle-type stones, wood beams, wall sconces, stained-glass windows, fireplace . . . Harry Potter Bedroom Decorating Ideas

And lots of accessories to make it seem more “real” like a trunk, house scarf, wand, books, cauldron . . .

This blog is full of ideas to get me started on Hogwarts accessories:


Progress pictures to come soon!

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